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What’s a H.A.R.TTM Hunt?

H.A.R.TTM stands for Hunt and Release Technique. It’s a hunting adventure where you experience the thrill of the hunt through technology while enjoying the outdoors.

The Tech The Tech

We use blanks in our firearms and a H.A.R.TTM String on our bows to replicate the final shot thus producing the ultimate “release”of the hunt.The scope mounted video camera records the “harvest ”, while the animal remains unharmed. An additional action camera can record the whole experience.

The Experience The Experience

With a H.A.R.TTM Hunt, you experience the outdoors with purpose and take pride in the accomplishment of a hunt full of adrenaline and excitement. Perfect for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, you can enjoy the hunt and hone your skills without the worry of an errant shot or the processing at the end.

Hunt and Release Hunt and Release

No animals are ever harmed on a H.A.R.TTM Hunt as the experience is all about the hunt itself. It’s a great family vacation or a short weekend getaway with friends. It’s a way to relax, de-stress, and get back to nature while recording your hunt for a great memory or to share with friends and family.

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What people are saying...

  • At first I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had no idea what H.A.R.T was about. After doing a H.A.R.T safari in South Africa with the founder, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do a H.A.R.T hunt myself during the safari for a Sable bull. After a successful hunt, I discovered that I was shaking from the excitement;a feeling I haven’t felt in years. The H.A.R.T method doesn’t take any excitement away from the hunt, it adds excitement. —A.H. , South Africa
  • Amazing is the best way to describe H.A.R.T hunting. It was an eye opener to me personally. I believe this method of hunting is going to play a major, and probably one of the most important roles in the future of hunting all around the world. —Tina, Texas
  • The ability to create additional income for our property without removing any of the resource is a bonus for our operation. Thanks to the H.A.R.T system we can add more clients to fully utilize our investment in land, labor, and equipment. —Dean, Missouri
  • I love this system. At first I had my doubts about how it all would work. But being on a H.A.R.T hunt you experience it all. Every aspect of being on a full harvest hunt minus the processing of an animal. I can’t wait for my next H.A.R.T adventure. —Dave, Montana
  • An amazing all encompassing experience for anyone! From start to finish, the ability to engage in the full adventure and thrill of a real hunt without any reservations was very rewarding. —Mike, Pennsylvania

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